Interactive resources

Natural Disasters:
Cartoon on Natural Disasters

Global warming:

Animation on global warming
Dealing with global warming

Weather studies:

Cold front
Cartoon on hurricanes
Animated Earth Atmosphere

Crustal movements:

Animation on formation of earthquakes
Animation on formation of volcanoes
Animation on formation of tsunamis
Continental drift
Sea floor spreading
continental-continental plates converge
oceanic-continental plates converge
Features of volcano - label
Normal Fault
Reverse Fault

Animation on river transport
animation of river transport 2
Animation on formation of delta and floodplains
Video on delta
Animation of meander and ox bow lake
Animation on the formation of potholes, rapid, waterfalls and gorges
Energy of rivers
Animated river resources

Weathering and erosion:
Video on weathering
Chemical weathering
Physical weathering
Video on Erosion

Animation of how groyne can prevent coastal erosion
Animation of longshore drift
Animated coastal processes Formation of baymouth bar and spitVideo on waves and tides
Development of sea caves, arch, cliff etc

Animation on the how changes in birth rates change the shape of the population pyramid
Animated Population pyramid of Canada
Population Pyramid

Urban sprawl
Invasion of shanty town (slum, squatters)


Rice cultivation
Green Revolution
Organic Farming
Animal Factory - The meatrix

Map Reading:

Grid Bearings
Grid Reference
3D simulations on creating topographical maps

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