Alternative energy resources

World Watch on Channel News Asia 15 Oct 2009

Just saw this report on TV – in Iceland, all the electricity is generated from renewable energy resources. 80% of the electricity is generated from hydro sources - rivers and glaciers and the other 20% from geothermal source. Geothermal sources are also used to heat houses and warm the roads so that it is snow free in winter. I am truly impressed that a country can be fully dependent on renewable natural resources to produce adequate energy supply for the country.

As countries developed, the need for energy resources has increased and there is a real urgency in looking at alternative energy resources. In Brazil most of the cars run on biofuel - ethanol produced from sugar cane. We are also looking into producing biofuel from palm oil. Of course there are still controversies in the use of biofuel as an alternative as its production takes up agricultural land which could have otherwise used for food production.

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