Hotspots in Kalimantan

Source: NEA 23 Sept 2011

The number of hotspots in Sumatra and Kalimantan so far this year has hit 17,000 - more than double the total last year. The fires are usually started by large oil palm plantation companies and by farmers clearing land for their fields.

I think some of us would have experienced some health problems caused by the haze due to the fires recently. Regional efforts from ASEAN is definitely needed and in the latest ASEAN meet, ministers from the five nations agreed to make public the satellite so as to put pressure on companies involved in this 'environmental vandalism,'.

Officials said Indonesia is taking steps to reduce fires and haze, but they said much work remains to be done. The vastness of Indonesia's land makes it difficult to police. In addition, setting fire to peat lands to create palm oil plantations is a lucrative practice. Indonesia's Deputy of Degradation Control and Climate Change at the Environment Ministry said his country is stepping up law enforcement efforts and taking steps to fight fires.

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