Field Inquiry on Tourism

The first field inquiry on human geography which we have learned to be more open minded. We have also learned from each other the need to check whether the data collected is skewed.  We did a land use transact and learned to see the pattern e.g goods are sold mainly on the 1st level and services on the 2nd level, higher order goods such as electronics and jewllery shops are found along Pagoda street, Temple street and Trengganu Street which catered more to the tourists as compared to Sago street where there are. more pastry shops as it is nearer to the Kretar Ayer CC where more locals actually shop.  . However there is pastry shop along Sago. For almost all the tourists whom we interviewed, most are attracted by shopping as well as the temples nearby.

As Geographers, we need to look at the spatial distribution of the land use.  There is also a need to see the spatial patterns for Human Geography during post fieldtrip when collecting data.

Interesting findings of the different streets. Smith Street - food vendors of local delicacies but more expensive - a deliberate planning by STB to introduce the local food of the 60s. However almost all the stalls are not opened in the morning. It would be more appropriate to do the survey for this stretch of road in the evening. There are also more restaurants that are cosmopolitan e.g. Thai etc. there. We found out that many tourists would actually go for food that they are more familiar with as compared to trying the local food. There are a lot of accommodation such as hostel and budget hotels along Mosque street -most tourist book online and stayed there as it is relatively cheap. Here we could look at how amenities affect tourism. Most of them stayed there due to the availability of public transport such as MRT and public buses nearby. They have booked the stay online and most would have sourced the accommodation and nearby attractions on the internet. Thus we could also see how accessibility in terms of transport and information can attract tourists.

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