Deforestation in Kalimatan

Illegal logging in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Illegal Logging in Indonesia by Faith Doherty, Environmental Investigation Agency 

The Forbidden forests of the Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia Setulang River - Indonesia:

Pulp and paper industry menace in South Kalimantan

Samboja Lestari 
1.04556°S 116.9875°E 

 IRREPARABLE HARM: Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry Expansion

Palm Oil - An Environmental Cost to Borneo - 30 Dec 07

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Map zone

Click on the link below to mapzone -The Homework Help section includes interactive tutorials and quizzes for students to independently learn about map-reading skills. Includes skills such as reading bearings, grid-references and compass-directions. The resource was produced by the Great Britain National Mapping Agency, Ordnance Survey.  

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Food Security

This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people. Time to think about the 3A - Affordability, Accessibility and Availability of Food

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Population and development

What will happen when world population size reach 7 billion?
How can we sustain development?

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GM food

 The story in the film "GM food and you" is a journey through the maze of complexities surrounding genetic modification. New technologies have a great influence on our daily lives and GM food is no exception. After all, plants provide us with the food we need to survive. However, GM food is a controversial area where both the basic research and its application to our daily lives is viewed with suspicion by members of the public. Legitimate concerns have been raised. Is GM food safe to eat? What are the impacts on our environment? Do we need it? Is all the truth told about GM crops? What about our right to choose? Can GM crops help the third world?

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Kecamatan Development Program Helping Indonesia

  • How did the World Bank help?
  • Besides the World Bank, which other organizations helped to support the programme financially?
  • What are the objectives of the KDP?
  • How has the KDP benefited villagers? 
  • Can this work project work elsewhere?

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    Maps on Geography of Food

    Many of you have problems analysing maps showing data such as that for Geography of food. You may want to look at this website for some good pointers on how to interpret those data.

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    Weather woes- Heavy rain in Kyushu Japan

    What cause the flood?
    When did this occur?
    Where are the areas affected?
    Who are the ones affected most?
    Why are floods a hazard?
    How can flood be mitigated?
    The impact of heavy rain in Kyushu, Japan:
    About 400,000 people were ordered or advised to leave their homes in southwest Japan  Sat 14 July as heavy rain pounded the area for a third day leaving 29 dead or missing.
    In Fukuoka prefecture alone, 78,600 people were ordered to evacuate their homes as rivers overflowed in dozens of places and 181 landslides occurred. About 820 houses were damaged and three bridges washed away.

    What brings about the heavy rain as shown on the map?
    Why does typhoon frequently hit Japan as shown on the map?

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    Singapore to raise reclaimed land level

    What would happen to our coastal land  as sea level around Singapore is predicted to rise between 24 and 65 centimetres by 2100?

    How can we battle against climate change?

    About 70 per cent of the coast line is already protected by hard structures like sea walls or stone embankments, which help protect against coastal erosion. Do you think they will be effective in protecting the coast in the long term?

    "Geo bags"  had been added to one eroded stretch of the beach, near the Road Safety Park. Geo bags are a type of sandbag made of a special sticky material that sand can adhere to. Apart from successfully building up beach two years on since 2010, the sandy surface of the bags also help them blend naturally into the beach front. How effectively do you think this will be against coastal erosion?

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    China one-child policy

    Do you think China's one-child policy is effective in controlling the population?
    What are the problems which China is facing due to the introduction of one-child policy?
    What are the exceptions to the one-child policy as mentioned by the news article?

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    Singapore birth rate 3rd lowest in 5 East Asia nations

    Though the figures from the National Population and Talent Division revealed figures that Singapore's total fertility rate had increased to 1.2 last year from 2010's record low of 1.5, our fertility rate is low behind the replacement level.

    The 5 countries shown above are facing the same challenge of low fertility rates. Later marriages, rising single-hood and fewer children are some of the major reasons for the low fertility rates. These could be due to higher level of education attainment and better employment opportunities.

    Among the 5 nations, Japan's fertility rate has rose to 1.32 in 2006 and continued to rise. This could be due to Japan's social support system makes it less of a struggle for parents to raise children. Japan also has a national pension system "which takes care of long term social security". To encourage Singaporeans to marry earlier and procreate, housing could be cheaper, education less expensive and stressful and childcare options more affordable.

    As mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean yesterday that creating a supportive envrionment for Singaporeans to form families and raise children has been, and remains, a key government priority in addressing the population challenge.

    extracted from

    Do you have any suggestions of ways to increase our fertility rate?

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