Volcanic eruption affecting tourism in Bali

Read this article on how travel to Bali is affected due to the volcanic eruption of Mount Raung in East Java (natural disaster).

The volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Raung in East Java has lead to the cancellation of 250 flights and thousands of tourists stranded in Bali on 10 July 2015. Flights have to be cancelled due to reduced visibility from the volcanic ash which posed a hazard in landing.

As posted earlier the outbreak of diseases such as MERS also affected tourist arrivals e.g. in South Korea. 

The economic situation of Greece has also discourage tourist arrivals. What other situations can you think of that affects tourist arrivals?

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Preparedness Measures for earthquakes

Read this article on how research in Singapore on building design can help to save lives in an earthquake. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/he-triggers-earthquakes-every-day

Associate Professor Li Bing has been working on the best way to make buildings quake-proof. In Nepal, for instance, six school buildings which had their beam and column structures wrapped with low-cost materials like wire mesh and glass fibre withstood April's 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

And when disaster strikes in Asia and Pacific regions, Singapore is often among the first to send rescue missions overseas. Meanwhile, the Changi Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Coordination Centre helps disaster-affected areas by coordinating multi-national military relief efforts.

Visit http://www.stopdisastersgame.org/en/playgame.html and play the game.
Record the strategies used in minimizing damage from earthquakes.

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