Earthquakes and extent of damage

I have been telling my students about the numerous earthquakes near Solomon islands last week. You can read about it from the channelnewsasia:

How is the magnitude measured on the Richter scale?
What are the factors which affect the extent of damage?
Why is a shallow focus earthquake more damaging than a deep focus earthquake?
Where are most earthquakes found?

The fear of an earthquake is real and you should know the cause of a tsunamis and the impacts of tsunamis on coastal areas.

Most importantly what are the preparedness measures?
Does the early warning system work?
Has technology helped?

Remember the eBook on the oceans fury? Do check out my earlier post:

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National efforts in mitigating climate change

Read the article on

Singapore has made a pledge to stabilise and limit its yearly greenhouse gas emissions to about 65 million tonnes by 2030. 

Singapore has progressively switched from fuel oil to natural gas for cleaner power generation. Today, over 90 per cent of electricity here is generated from natural gas. There is a need for us to attain higher levels of energy efficiency by deploying best-in-class technologies.

What other ways have we been helping in mitigating climate change? How effective are these strategies?

We need to continue our efforts in mitigating climate change by reducing carbon emission or our temperatures in Singapore may soar by 4.6°C by end of the century.

Watch this cute animation on what you can do to help reduce carbon emission and contribute to mitigating climate change.

As shown above there are more warmer days and more intense rainfall in Singapore. 

Watch the video below to see how climate change cause an increase in sea level and its impact.

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Flood in Southern Asia

Find out more about how the Monsoon rain has led to flooding in Southern Asia from

Where are the areas affected by the flood?
Who are the people affected by the flood?
Why did the flood occur?
What is the extent of damage from the flood?
How can help be rendered to the victims of the flood?

Find out which part of Asia received the most amount of rainfall in the last seven days from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

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Concerns on water resources

Another national tap of Singapore  - imported water from Malaysia.
Find out more from

Why is there a need to conserve the use of water?
What are the other three national taps of Singapore?
Who are the ones responsible of ensuring ample water supply in Singapore?
Which are the sectors affected if there is a shortage of water supply in Singapore?
How can we prevent water shortage in Singapore?


More on Singapore's 4 National Tap here:

Update on 13 April 2016
The water level in Linggiu Reserviur is only slightly more than one third full!

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