Rising sea level threatening countries

Will Bangkok be submerged under the rising sea level?

Will Maldives be under the rising sea level by 2100 due to climate change?

Which are the top 10 countries which will be most affected by rising sea level?

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Increase in Dengue Cases in Singapore

A total of 7,370 dengue cases have been reported in Singapore since the start of the year 2016. Four people have died of the disease so far – a 47-year-old man who lived in Marsiling Rise, a 67-year-old man who lived in Toa Payoh, a 63-year-old woman who lived in Bedok and a 73-year-old woman who lived in Hougang.

The Ministry of Health and NEA have warned that the number of dengue cases in Singapore may exceed 30,000 this year, higher than the record of 22,170 reported in 2013. One of the main factors is the rising temperatures which caused faster breeding and maturation cycles of the Aedes mosquito population.

Source:  http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-dengue-cases-in/2754172.html


Correlation between increasing temperature and dengue?

Singapore's fight against Dengue  (2013)

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Heat wave worsens in India

With rising  temperatures, the worst drought in four decades in Western India has emptied reservoirs, killed livestock, destroyed crops and left much of the population desperate for water.

Temperatures reached a record-high of 51 degrees Celsius in some areas, and at least 150 people across the country have died from heat-related causes. Some relief is on the way as rain is predicted across the north in the next few days. 

When did the heatwave affect India.
Where are the areas affected?
Who are affected?
Why does temperature rises?
What are the impacts of the heatwave?
How can help be rendered to those affected?

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