Impact of natural disasters on tourism

Look at the two news reports below and reflect on:
What are natural disasters?
Where are the places which are affected by the natural disasters?
When did it happen?
Who are affected?
Why does natural disasters affect tourism?
How can the risks from the natural disasters be minimised?

1. Typhoon

The city of Guangzhou issued its first-ever red storm alert as Typhoon Nida is expected to make landfall today 2 August 2016. All trains departing from Guangdong would be cancelled and hundreds of thousands of passengers affected.  Local official said that it's the strongest typhoon to hit the Pearl River Delta since 1983 and will bring severe flooding. More than 220 flights out of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai airports were cancelled. Cathay Pacific and its subsidiary Dragonair cancelled all of their flights in and out of Hong Kong for 16 hours, from 10.00pm on 1st Aug until 2.00pm on 2nd Aug, affecting more than 100 flights.

Watch the videos below on the two typhoons which affected Hong Kong and China in 2015 and 2016.

Hong Kong affected by Typhoon Nida on 1 Aug 2016.

2. Volcanic eruption Volcanic ash from Mount Rinjani has caused several flights, including those from Bali to Lombok and several Australian destinations, to be disrupted. Thirteen of the domestic and international flights disrupted due to the eruption were meant to take off from or land in Bali's Ngurah Rai airport. The Lombok International Airport in Praya will also be closed from 4.55pm (local time) to 10am on 2nd Aug 2016. An ash cloud from the active volcano has affected air travel. In November 2015 and hundreds of flights were grounded after Ngurah Rai airport was closed for two days due to its eruption.

Watch the videos below on the volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani which affected Bali, Indonesia in 2016 and 2015. Natural disasters threaten the lives of people, including tourists. Mount Rinjani attracts many tourists and many tourists were not evacuated on time and many were missing when it erupted in 2016,.

Thousands of tourists were stuck on the Indonesian island of Bali, after a volcano eruption forced its airport to shut and nearly 700 flights to be cancelled. Mount Rinjani, on the nearby island of Lombok, erupted Nov 2015 and ash and debris were thrown 11,000 feet into the air.

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