Carbon tax to mitigate climate change

Read up on the carbon tax - how will this help in mitigating climate change?

What is carbon tax?
When will the carbon tax be introduced?
Where else in the world is carbon tax carried out?
Who are the ones affected by carbon tax?
Why is there a need for carbon tax?
How does carbon tax work?

Watch the video on how the carbon tax works:

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Taiwan Earthquakes

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien, Taiwan near to midnight on 6 Feb.
Seven people were killed, 51 are missing and 254 injured in this deadly earthquake.

24 hours after the main quake, there were 187 aftershocks, 6 of which is above magnitude 5 with the strongest at magnitude 5.7.
At least 7 people in the city were killed and 67 still missing. Rescuers are combing the rubble of collapsed buildings and the situation worsen with the aftershocks, rain and cold weather.


Read the article on the earthquake.

When did the earthquake strike?
Where are the areas affected?
Why is Taiwan prone to earthquake?
Who are affected in this Earthquakes?
What are the impacts of the earthquake?
How did the government respond to the earthquake?

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