Typhoon struck Taiwan and Okinawa, Japan

Typhoon Maria brought torrential rain and powerful winds to Taiwan 11 July.
Downpours of up to 100 mm  hit some areas overnight and strong winds were still expected as the storm moved northwest.
People were told to avoid the coast where waves as high as nine metres were recorded.
Trees felled overnight and blocking some roads in the mountains north of capital Taipei.
Close to 3,500 people were evacuated across the island from areas prone to floods and landslides, with more than 2,000 soldiers mobilised.
About 43,000 households lost power at the typhoon's peak.
The storm also affected hundreds of flights.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/taiwan-avoids-serious-damage-as-typhoon-maria-weakens--10518974

Where are the areas affected by Typhoon Maria?
Why do these areas frequently experience Typhoon?
What are the impacts of the Typhoon?
Who are the ones affected by the typhoon?
When does typhoon normally develop?
How are the people prepared for typhoon to minimise the damage and loss of lives?

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