Earthquake in Lombok 5 Aug

A magnitude 6.9 struck the holiday island of Lombok on 5 Aug 2018. More than 2,000 tourists were evacuated and at least 98 people were killed and thousands of buildings were damaged.

When did the earthquake occur?
Why does Indonesia experience earthquakes frequently?
What are the impacts of the earthquake? Economic, Social and Environmental
What are aftershocks?
How can aftershocks be damaging?
What are the short term responses shown in the video which help to save lives?
Who are affected?
Why does natural disaster such as earthquakes hinder the growth of tourism?

Look at the map below which shows the intensity of the magnitude 6.9 earthquake which struck Lombok, Indonesia on 5 Aug 2018.
Can you see how intensity of earthquake decreases away from the epicentre?
How would the distance from the epicentre affects the extent of damage from earthquake?

Updated on 9 Aug
The death toll rose to 164 people with at least 1,400 people seriously injured and 156,000 displaced.

Note the impact of the earthquake as well as the short term responses

Authorities urgently appealed for medicine, food and clean water for some 156,000 people displaced by the disaster Read more at

A magnitude 6.2 aftershock rocked Indonesia's Lombok on Thursday (Aug 9), sparking fresh panic on the tropical tourist island as the official death toll from a powerful earthquake four days earlier almost doubled to 259.

Updated 11 August 2018

  The earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok has killed 387 people, authorities said Saturday, adding hundreds of thousands of displaced people were still short of clean water, food and medicine nearly a week on.

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