Ensuring food security

Watch the video below on the role of Government ensuring food security in Singapore:
What is food security?
Why is there a need for strategies to ensure food security?
How can the three strategies mentioned in the video be introduced?

Are we able to produce 30% of our nutritional need by 2030?

Assistance from Government 
  • high-tech controlled environments
  • automate and integrate systems via robotics and sensors. 
  • Indoor multi-storey vegetable farms that use light-emitting-diode technology and recirculating aquaculture systems
  • Singapore Food Agency (SFA) offering technical support, research-and-development tie-ups and the transfer of technology to farmer e.g advanced systems such as curtain systems that shade crops and reduce the impact of high temperatures on crop growth.  

  • Underused and alternative spaces such as vacant state buildings, rooftops and even the deep sea. 
  • Deep-sea fish farming e.g. Barramundi Asia — Singapore’s largest farm rearing barramundi (Asian sea bass) in large sea-cage enclosures off Semakau island.  
  •  develop courses, such as SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programmes, that lead to diplomas in urban agricultural technology and aquaculture.
  • initiatives to promote homegrown produce e.g.SG Farmers’ Markets in the heartlands and supermarkets to hold fairs featuring home grown produce.


Protecting our indigenous farmers.

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What is GM food?
How can GM food such as the GM sea bass help in food security?

Watch the following on land grabbing. Is leasing land to grow crops in developing countries a solution to overcome food shortage?

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Living with natural disasters

Why is it difficult for LDC, such as Indonesia, to respond to natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes at Lombok as well the eruption of Anak Krakatoa which triggered a tsunamis?
What can be done to mitigate the impacts of earthquakes and tsunamis?
Where are the areas prone to the risks of earthquakes?

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