Earthquake struck Osaka

Japan's coastal city of Osaka has been hit by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake on 18 June 2018 during Monday morning's rush hour, killing three people and injuring more than 200. Despite a relatively low magnitude, its shallow depth of 13km (focus) caused violent tremors. Officials warned of possible strong aftershocks.

Where is the epicentre of the earthquake?
Who are affected by the earthquake?
When did the earthquake occur?
Why is Japan prone to earthquake?
What cause earthquakes?
Why does earthquake of higher magnitude cause more damage?
How does the depth of the focus and time of occurence affect the extent of damage?
What are aftershocks and why would it cause more damages?

Read the following articles on how Singaporeans in Osaka are affected by the earthquake.
How does natural disasters such as earthquakes hinder the growth of tourism in an area?

Footage of the Osaka earthquake:

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Tourism contributing to greenhouse gases

Watch the following video on how tourism contribute to carbon emission

Read the article and reflect on the following:

Where are the areas with high carbon emission from domestic tourism?

Who are the ones responsible for the increase in carbon emission?

Why are we concerned with the increase of carbon emission by tourism?

When was the Paris agreement signed?

What are the impacts of the increase in carbon emission?

How can we reduce carbon emission?

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Kilauea eruption

Major earthquakes were reported  on 4 May 2018 near Kilauea volcano, which has been spewing lava since an eruption earlier this week. Over 1,500 residents have been evacuated. 

 A mistake at 0.37 - the reporter mentioned magma which should be lava
Where is Kilauea volcano?
When did it erupt?
Who are affected by the eruption?
What type of volcano is Kilauea?
What are the risks from the eruption?
Why do people continue to live in areas threatened by volcano?
How are the mitigation measures carried out?

The science behind Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and 2,200-degree lava

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Eruption of Mount Io in Japan

Watch the video on the eruption of  Mount Io, a volcano in southern Japan. It has erupted for the first time in 250 years on 19 April 2018.
Where is Mount Io located?
When did it erupt?
Who are affected by the eruption?
Why did the government issue a no-go warning to the area near Mount Io?
What is Ring of Fire?
Watch the video on the risks associated with volcanic eruption

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Tourism in Boracay Philippines

Read this article on how environmental degradation brought by tourism has led to the Philippines president to restrict entry by outsiders to Boracay for half a year.

Where is Boracay?
Who will be affected by the restriction of tourists to the island?
Why was there a need for the restriction of tourists on the island?
What are the impacts of the restriction of tourists on the locals living in Boracay?
When will the restriction of tourists enforced?
How could the development of tourism be made sustainable in Boracay?

Why is there a need for sustainable tourism?

Impacts of tourism

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Ecotourism for sustainable tourism

Sumbiling Eco Village (SEV) is amid one of the best preserved tracts of primary rainforest in all of Borneo. Is Ecotourism a solution for sustainable tourism?


When was SEV developed?
Where is SEV located?
Who is the person who have helped to develop SEV?
What is ecotourism?
Why is there a need for sustainable tourism?
How does the development of Ecotourism benefit the local people?

Read the article below on how preservation is a challenge to the popular Angkor Wat tourist attraction in Cambodia.

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Carbon tax to mitigate climate change

Read up on the carbon tax - how will this help in mitigating climate change?

What is carbon tax?
When will the carbon tax be introduced?
Where else in the world is carbon tax carried out?
Who are the ones affected by carbon tax?
Why is there a need for carbon tax?
How does carbon tax work?

Watch the video on how the carbon tax works:

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Taiwan Earthquakes

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien, Taiwan near to midnight on 6 Feb.
Seven people were killed, 51 are missing and 254 injured in this deadly earthquake.

24 hours after the main quake, there were 187 aftershocks, 6 of which is above magnitude 5 with the strongest at magnitude 5.7.
At least 7 people in the city were killed and 67 still missing. Rescuers are combing the rubble of collapsed buildings and the situation worsen with the aftershocks, rain and cold weather.


Read the article on the earthquake.

When did the earthquake strike?
Where are the areas affected?
Why is Taiwan prone to earthquake?
Who are affected in this Earthquakes?
What are the impacts of the earthquake?
How did the government respond to the earthquake?

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Climate change

Watch the video on:

Why is more extreme weather conditions expected in Singapore?
What are the impacts of Climate Change on Singapore?
How can Singapore mitigate the impacts of Climate Change?


Watch the video from CNN on climate change - climate change is real

Causes and Effects of Climate Change from National Geographic

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Volcanoes erupt across Asia

As twitted by United Nations International Strategies for Disaster Reduction, the Ring of Fire is active following the eruption of several volcanoes today across Asia.
When did this occur?
Where are the areas affected?
Who are affected?
Why are most of the volcanoes found along the Ring of Fire?
What are the risks associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes?
How can the risks from tectonic hazards be reduced?


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Lower temperatures in Jan 2018

Ice and snow in a tropical country. For my Geography students, the influence of altitude. Can you remember how altitude affects temperature? Mt Kinabalu is 4095m tall.

When did Mt Kinabalu experience cold temperatures? Where is Mt Kinabalu located?
Why did Mt Kinabalu experience cold temperatures though it is located near the equator?
What are the other factors affecting temperatures?
 Who do you think  are affected by the cold temperatures?
How does temperature affects people and human activities?

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Flash Flood in Singapore

View the video on the flash flood  in Singapore which occurred on 8 Jan.
What cause the flash flood?
Who are affected?
Where are the areas affected?
When did it occur?
Why does Singapore experience more rain from Nov to Jan?
How can the damage from flooding be mitigated?

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