Population Pyramids

Click on the link below to learn more about how population pyramids are constructed. Also try out the exercise included in the activity.

The exercise is similar to that given in your Prelim on the population structure of a mining town. Instead of the mining town, the activity requires you to to describe the population pyramid of an industrial area.

As it is a mining town, the men would form the largest group as they would migrant to the area to work in the mines. Thus the horizontal bars for the age group 15 to 35 would be the longest.

Dependency ratio
The base would be narrow as there would be few families and children as the men would have left their wives back in their hometowns. As such the dependency ratio would be low as there is a large working population but small groups of dependants of elderly and the young. The elderly or aged would also be a small group as this is a working town and thus would have no need for the aged.

Base and Top
The base of the pyramid would be narrow to reflect a low birth rate and a small young dependants group. The top of the pyramid is also narrow not because of a short life expectancy but because of the absence of elderly people in a mining town.

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