Singapore’s Geothermal Energy Potential

Read about this from an advertisment for a seminar and was surprised to learn that we actually can tap on geothermal energy in Singapore!

There are 3 geothermal hot springs and a possible steam seep in Singapore.

A new Hydrogeology model predicts that ground water in the centre of Singapore island sinks up to 4 km depth along joints and faults and is heated by the ≈200 million year old Bukit Tima Granite.

Artesian hot spring exit near Sembawang and on Pulau Tekong and are hot enough (≈70°C) to commercially generate electricity using new technology binary cycle power plants at SGD ≈0.07 per kWh, comparable with imported natural gas and cheaper than important oil.

However, to generate geothermal electricity even more efficiently, ≈2 kilometre deep L-shaped cold water injector and steam production boreholes are required to intercept hotter (>140°C) temperatures.

Electricity generated in this way would be green, clean, and renewable. Proof of concept might cost 25 – 30 million. A viable 50mWe geothermal power station could power for 50,000 homes, pay for itself in 5 years and save 0.5m barrels of oil/yr.

Speaker – Dr Grahame Oliver, SE Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Geography at NUS

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