Sec 3 EOY Geog Project

1. To study coastal management strategies with reference to Singapore and UK.
2. To make use of ICT in producing a powerpoint.

To produce a powerpoint evaluating the strategies adopted in coastal management with reference to examples in Singapore and UK.

Before you begin your project, you need to bear the following points in mind.

1 What were the problems encountered by the people living in coastal areas?

2 What strategies were adopted to overcome the problems?

3 How effective are the coastal management strategies?

4 What are the future plans for the areas?

Select a name for your project.

The end-product of your project is a power point presentation comprising 15-20 slides. There will be a presentation session for you to showcase your work.
The deadline for submission is 23 March 2009.

You must plan carefully and allocate duties for each member of your group.

Fill in the forms given to you for this project.

All evidence of collection of information or data or pictures must be properly filed.

You must list the websites or internet resources you use.

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