Bigger baby bonus

New policies implemented to address the low fertility rate in Singapore:
  1. A bigger baby bonus cash gift of $6,000 will be given for the first two births and $8,000 for the next two births from $4,000 and $6,000, respectively.
  2. A CPF Medisave account of $3,000 will also be created for each Singaporean baby "to further support parents in planning for their children's healthcare need" and to encourage MediShield enrolment. 
  3. The government will pay for one week of paternity leave for fathers of Singaporeans born from May this year. The dads will also be able to share one week of their wife's maternity leave entitlement. 
  4. Parents with children aged 7-12 will get two days of government-paid child care leave annually. 
  5. First-timer married couples will get priority allocation of new HDB flats and such couples with children will be allowed to rent a flat from HDB at affordable rental rates while waiting for their flats to be completed.
  6. Working mothers would also get assistance. Four weeks government-paid adoption leave would be granted to working mothers in the adopted child's first year.
Do you think the above policies will help to encourage a higher birth rate in Singapore?


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