Earthquake in Sichuan, China

Another earthquake struck Sichuan in China 20 April 2013 with a 6.6 magnitude, centred 50km (31 miles) west of the town of Linqiong. It has killed at least 72 people and injured at least 400 in China's south-western province of Sichuan, state TV reports.

Compare this with the one on May 12, 2008 where a 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan Province, a mountainous region in Western China, killing about 70,000 people and leaving over 18,000 missing. Over 15 million people lived in the affected area, including almost 4 million in the city of Chengdu.

Why is Sichuan prone to earthquake?
Look at the map below:
What is an epicenter? Why is damage highest nearer to the epicenter?

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More tourists from China and Japan visit Singapore

Why do you think there is an increase in the number of tourists from China and Japan?
What are the economic benefits of the tourist industry to Singapore?

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Climate change and Singapore

More extreme weather due to climate change

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