Typhoons hit Taiwan Sept 2016

Watch the video clips below and reflect on the following:
1. Describe the weather conditions associated with a tropical cyclone. (pay attention to the wind speed, rainfall and the calm condition of the eye)
2. Explain the hazards brought by tropical cyclone as shown in the video clips. (storm surges, heavy rain, mudslides, strong wind)
3, How can the risks brought by typhoons be reduced? (strength and limitation of measures such as prediction and warning as shown in the video clips,  landuse regulation and reducing vulnerability of infrastructure)

Updated - 3 typhoons hit Typhoon in 2 weeks - Typhoon Megi struck Taiwan on 27 Sept 2016.

Taiwan suffered a direct blow from Typhoon Megi on 27 Sept 2016, which killed at least four people and injured more than 250 people, many of which were caused by flying debris during the storm. Among those hurt were eight Japanese tourists who were inside a bus that overturned.
Earlier on 14 Sept 2016,  Taiwan was hit by another Super Typhoon Meranti which had brought strong winds, torrential rain and flooding to many parts of Taiwan.

Typhoon Meranti has finally moved on after pounding southern Taiwan and Jinmen County with record-setting winds, but right on its heels is another storm, Typhoon Malakas. The Central Weather Bureau expects Malakas to affect the northern half of Taiwan late Friday(16 Sept) and Saturday before heading toward 

How is a typhoon formed? watch the video below to find out more!

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