Vaccine against Malaria

Read the article on the large-scale Vaccine against Malaria @

Where will the vaccine against Malaria be carried out?
When will the vaccine against Malaria be carried out?
Who are the ones most affect by Malaria in Africa?
Why is there a need for the large-scale vaccine against Malaria?
What other preventive measures are carried out against the spread of Malaria?
How are the countries selected for the trial?

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Cyclone Debbie hit Australia

Cyclone Debbie made landfall near Airlie Beach, Australia, on 28 March 2017.

Watch the video below on how the cyclone was formed:and developed and made landfall on Australia in 2017.

Read this article on "Cyclone Debbie: Why was aftermath deadlier than storm itself?"

When did the cyclone Debbie hit Australia?
Where were the areas hit by the cyclone?
Who are the ones affected by the cyclone?
Why was the cyclone damaging?
What were the impacts of the cyclone? 
How did the people respond to the cyclone?
How did the cyclone develop as it moved towards the land?

Watch the video clip below and reflect on the social and economic impacts of the cyclone.

Interesting video on how the cyclones are named:

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Boosting tourism in Chinatown

Check out the news article below on the latest effort by the STB to boost tourism in Chinatown.

When was the historical installation ready for use?
Where are the historical installations located?
Who are the historical installations meant for?
Why is there a need for the installations?
What are the possible impacts of the installations?
How can this encourage more visitors to Chinatown?

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