Hurricane Harvey brought catastrophic flooding in Houston Aug 2017

30,000 forced from their homes and 6 deaths from this catastrophic flooding in Houston brought by Hurricane Harvey.

Watch the video and reflect on:
Where are the regions commonly affected by Hurricanes?
What are the impacts of the hurricane?
Who are affected by the hurricane?
How can the impacts be mitigated?
How does it affect tourism?

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Typhoon Hato hits Hong Kong and Macau 23 Aug 2017

The wrath of nature - Typhoon Hato hits HK

For my Geography students: 
Where are the regions commonly affected by typhoons?
What are the impacts of typhoons?
Who are affected by typhoons?
How can we mitigate the impacts of typhoon?
How does it affect tourism?

Update on 24 Aug .. more than 12 killed in the typhoon.

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How warning system help saved lives in China Sichuan Earthquake

Abstract from “Vital Early Warnings Saved Lives in Jiuzhaigou Earthquake” Published on 15 Aug 2017

 A powerful magnitude 7 earthquake that struck China’s central Sichuan Province on 8 August 2017. A crucial factor which helped to save lives was the early warnings through broadcasting and mobile phone applications given to people well before the tremor struck. 

 According to Science and Technology Daily, people as far as 200 kilometres south of Jiuzhaigou, were given a 40-second warning of the impending danger, while people 95km from the epicentre in Longnan, Gansu province, received 19 vital seconds to prepare and rush to safety. 

 The early-warning system recognises the fast moving, but mostly harmless ‘P-waves’ created at the start of an earthquake. In its path, far more dangerous ‘S-waves’ follow. 

 “This technology may change the way we respond to earthquakes. It deserves to be studied closer,” says Gwendolyn Pang. “Yet early warning must go hand in hand with early action. People need to know what to do to protect themselves in times of emergencies.”

 Looking ahead, the China Earthquake Administration plans to build 15,000 monitoring stations across the country by 2020, particularly in key areas such as Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan provinces. So far, there has been about 2 billion yuan (US$300 million) invested in the early warning and quick intensity reporting program. 

 Reflect on the preparedness measure highlighted in the article.
 1.       How effective is earthquake monitoring and warning system in mitigating the impacts of earthquake?
 2.       How effective are the other preparedness measures such as land use regulations, emergency drills and earthquake resistant building design in mitigating the impacts of earthquakes?

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Earthquake Sichuan, China 8 Aug 2017

Thirteen people, including six tourists, were killed and 175 injured when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck a remote, mountainous part Sichuan in China's southwest on 8 August 2017. The earthquake hit a sparsely populated area 200km northwest of the city of Guangyuan at a depth of 10km. It was also close to the Jiuzhaigou nature reserve, a tourist destination (UNESCO Site). A separate quake with a magnitude of 6.6 struck a remote part of China's far north-western region of Xinjiang, more than 2,000km away, on 9 Aug.

Watch the videos and reflect on the following:
Where did the earthquake occur?
When did the earthquake occur?
Who are affected?
What are the impacts of the earthquake?
Why is there a  need for search and rescue to be carried out immediately?

How will this impact on tourism in Jiuzhaigou, China?

Read the following article on how the earthquake impact on tourism and the economy of the area.

Read the article below and find out more  about preparedness such as early warning using technology can help to save lives. Compare the preparedness measures with the responses after the earthquake occured.

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