Tourism contributing to greenhouse gases

Watch the following video on how tourism contribute to carbon emission

Read the article and reflect on the following:

Where are the areas with high carbon emission from domestic tourism?

Who are the ones responsible for the increase in carbon emission?

Why are we concerned with the increase of carbon emission by tourism?

When was the Paris agreement signed?

What are the impacts of the increase in carbon emission?

How can we reduce carbon emission?

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Kilauea eruption

Major earthquakes were reported on 4 May 2018 near Kilauea volcano, which has been spewing lava since an eruption earlier this week. Over 1,500 residents have been evacuated. 

Where is Kilauea volcano?
When did it erupt?
Who are affected by the eruption?
What type of volcano is Kilauea?
What are the risks from the eruption?
Why do people continue to live in areas threatened by volcano?
How are the mitigation measures carried out?

The science behind Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and 2,200-degree lava

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