Extreme weather Jan 2019

Have you been feeling the heat lately?
Is the extreme heat a results of climate change?
Why is high temperatures with high humidity deadly?

Look at the heatwave in Australia with temperature as high as 48.9 degree celsius!


On the other hand, Europe experience extremely cold weather.
School closed, traffic and communication disrupted. Avalanche, accidents on road etc leading to deaths.

Where are the places affected by the extreme weather?
When was the extreme weather experienced?
Who are affected by the extreme weather?
What are the impacts of the extreme weather?
Why does temperature differ at different parts of the world?
How can the impacts of climate change be mitigated?

Look at last year's record in Singpore (2018)

On 30 Jan 2018 , intense thunderstorms brought rain On 31 Jan 2018, strong wind gusts from a waterspout off Singapore's east coast sent small boats and other objects flying.
 On March 30, strong winds from an intense thunderstorm uprooted trees and caused substantial damage to farms in the Lim Chu Kang area. And a wind gust measuring 133.3kmh recorded at nearby Tengah that day was the strongest in eight years.

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Urban agriculture in Singapore

Urban agriculture improves food security for land-scarce countries like Singapore. It is also water and energy saving and help to reduce carbon footprints through encouraging the consumption of local produce.


What is food security?
Why is it important to ensure food security?
How does the government ensure food security?

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